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Anti-Aging Tips: How to Care for Mature Skin

Posted on: March 31st, 2014 by L'Arte Della Bellezza

blog1The Fountain of Youth. Heard about that one, right? Yeah, we haven’t found it either…


Although the ever-elusive “Fountain of Youth” might not be in our grasp, at L’Arte Della Bellezza, we’ve got some tricks and tools that are sure fire “next best things.”


The thought of aging can be alarming for many women. Everyone wants to age gracefully, but caring for maturing skin is a learned exercise. As we age, estrogen levels begin to drop and we experience a slowdown in oil and skin-cell renewal. The result: skin that lacks elasticity and looks dull.  We may begin to notice fine lines, brown spots, and rough patches. As we age, we need to modify our beauty regimen and reassess our lifestyle choices.


Get Your Glow Back

A dull complexion with signs of hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone) might suggest to the world that you’re tired or older than your years. Get your youthful glow back with products blog2that contain antioxidants, like the Obagi C-Clarifying Serum. Antioxidants help prevent free-radical damage (what ages skin), and also help keep it tone, bright and even. Using sunscreen and applying eye cream and a great moisturizer (or face serum) daily can also go a long way toward counteracting dull, sagging skin.


Combat Mid-Life Moisture Loss

Estrogen stimulates oil production, so when estrogen levels decline, your skin may become drier, more wrinkled and lose elasticity. One way to help prevent moisture loss is to drink lots of water and eat healthy foods rich in nutrients like omega-3 oils and unsaturated fats. They’re known to strengthen the skin’s tissue, which helps to promote a healthy complexion. As we’ve said before, clear and healthy skin starts from within. You should also use a day and nighttime moisturizer that has both collagen and elastin, as these two ingredients help keep skin tight, smooth and supple.


Relax and Recuperate

Unchecked Tension = Wrinkles. Did you know? When you’re under pressure, your body increases the production of cortisol, a hormone known to damage collagen and elastin, and decrease the skin’s ability to repair itself (Yikes!).  A stressful lifestyle can cause skin to age faster than it should. Get stress under control with exercise. Learn about the many beauty benefits of working out, here.


Invest in a Good Beauty Regimen

blog3The key to a quality skincare product is its potency, so ask a skin care expert who can address your concerns and educate you on the best product for your specific needs. For faster results, you might consider Botox and/or dermal fillers that can plump up wrinkles and areas that show signs again and/or a loss of elasticity.


At L’Arte Della Bellezza, we have everything you need to address all your skin care concerns. For more skin care tips and information on anti-aging, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


Eat Your Way to Fabulous Skin

Posted on: February 27th, 2014 by L'Arte Della Bellezza

youarewhatyoueatClear and healthy skin starts from within. Eating healthy not only contributes to weight loss, it also does wonders for your complexion. So why not boost your beauty regimen with skin-enhancing nourishments?


Read on to learn about foods that come packed with the nutrients to keep skin ageless, flawless, and all-around fabulous.


Avocado: Rich in omega-3 oils and unsaturated fats, avocados are great for those prone to dry skin. Something else? They’re known to be a great source of vitamin E, which boosts the skin’s vitality and luminosity. Avocados also contain vitamin C, which reduces skin inflammation and aids in collagen production.


Beets (or Beetroot): They might stain your fingers, but the skin-clearing properties of beets are well worth the cleaning hassle. These purple roots are particularly high in vitamin A (the main ingredient in Tretinoin – the first generation, topical retinoid) as well as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E, which is essential for epidermal health and healing. Beets help repair dry, red, irritated skin.


Berries: According to, berries, specifically strawberries, have more anti-aging vitamin C per serving than oranges or eatingforhealthyskingrapefruit! And they’re a natural anti-inflammatory!


Brown Rice: A single portion not only provides a great source of B vitamins, protein, selenium and magnesium, as well as several antioxidants, but also helps regulate your blood sugar levels by slowly releasing energy throughout the day. And it’s been reported that stable blood sugar contributes to skin health and overall appearance.


Broccoli: This powerhouse plant is jam-packed with vitamins A, C, E, and K, all which add luminosity to the skin and help repair damaged tissue. For the greatest health benefits, broccoli should be consumed raw or lightly steamed.


Chocolate: Did you know? Cocoa hydrates skin! And according to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist in New York City, “Dark chocolate contains high levels of flavonols, a potent type of antioxidant.” For maximum flavonol content, eat chocolate that’s at least 70 percent cacao.


Salmon: Salmon, as a cold-water fish, is filled with unsaturated fats that help heal dry skin. Salmon is also a great natural anti-inflammatory and is known to accelerate the skin’s natural healing process.


Spinach: This leafy green contains folate, which helps repair and maintain DNA. The folate in spinach basically boosts a cell’s ability to renew itself. Not only that, but the water inside this leafy green helps plump wrinkled skin. And who doesn’t love a natural filler?


Tomatoes:  Although they’re often confused for vegetables, tomatoes contain lycopene -which gives them their bright, red pigment, and which also stimulates skin circulation and eliminates skin-aging free radicals caused by UV rays.


Always remember: you are what you eat. So don’t sabotage your skin! Drink plenty of water and feed your body and mind the healthy way.  Your complexion will thank you for it!