December 28, 2014
Winter-Proof Your Skin

  When the warm South Florida weather starts to cool, it’s important to be …

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This rejuvenation treatment begins with skin resurfacing by removing the upper layers of the epidermis, then the skin becomes more receptive to photo treatments and micro currents.  A controlled stream of natural mineral crystals gradually erase flaws and blemishes.  It refines pores, coarse and granular skin, and reduces uneven pigmentation while smoothing superficial scars and blemishes.

Derma Pod:  A Total Rejuvenation System combining integrated technologies

  • Microdermabrasion Phase: Exfoliates upper layers of the epidermis; smoothes away pigmentation and minor scars; refines skin texture; activates cell renewal;
  • Lifting Phase: Pulsating red light  passes through the layers of the skin stimulating repair mechanisms and production of collagen; electrodes apply non-invasive Micro Currents to lift sagging muscles and tighten facial contour.
  • Product Infusion Phase: The infusion of antioxidants and vitamin complexes  further control the aging process.

Clients report a noticeable improvement after just one treatment.  A series of treatments will provide dramatic results.  Age, lifestyle and skin condition will determine the number of treatments required to get optimum results.

– $150 (package of six $750)